Giving Back With Mosquito Nets

Giving Back With Mosquito Nets

Help the World Sleep Better

With every sleep system you purchase, Got Sleep? will donate funds for two mosquito nets to The United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign. To date, Got Sleep? has donated funds for nearly 8,300 mosquito nets to Nothing But Nets.

children under mosquito net

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can infect numerous victims. can provide a safe area for an entire family.


Mosquito-borne malaria is one of Africa’s leading killers of children, stealing the life of one child every two minutes. Each malaria-carrying mosquito can infect numerous victims. Every year, millions of people are infected with malaria and approximately 600,000 die from it — mostly children under the age of five. A simple insecticide-treated mosquito net provides a safe area for children and their parents to sleep under. It’s the first and best line of defense to save children’s lives.

Purchase a sleep system at Got Sleep? or make an in-store donation, and we will donate funds for two mosquito nets to a worldwide children’s organization. You can also donate directly to Nothing But Nets.

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